Savera  Society for Human initiatives   (SSHI) operates on the principle of humanitarianism, believing that people’s well-being is the most important goal for which to strive. Following from this are a focus on empowerment and a critical perspective on social, health, education,environment and economic policy that makes clear our humanitarian mandate. Active support of an anti-oppressive framework for social work practice reinforces our commitment to diversity. Our work is connected to similar efforts undertaken by national and international associations of social workers.
SSHI envisions an organization that represents the professional beliefs, values and principles of its members to foster a just, diverse, equal and holistic society. It provides leadership and service to its membership that increases the visibility, durability and adaptability of the profession and influences justice through effective advocacy and social action to achieve a diverse, equal and just society.
• respect for the inherent dignity and worth of persons
• pursuit of social justice
• service to humanity
• integrity of professional practice
SSHI promotes and regulates the practice of social work so its members  can provide a high standard of service that respects diversity, promotes social justice, enhance the worth and self-determination. 

         The specific objectives of SSHI are to:  
  •    Make poor unemployed youth from villages self employed.   
  •    Work for the welfare & development of women and children of backward classes including backward classes of  Religious Minorities.                                
  •    Eliminate child labor.    
  •    Protect the environment.
  •    Aware the people about energy conservation. 
  •    Establish School, College, library and Study hall 
  •    We aim to help poor & needy, to work in every aspect humans can be benefited.