Tuesday, 27 November 2012

How to get noticed on Twitter

  Want to get Noticed on Twitter


I’d like to share some basic Twitter tips with you.  I hope these fundamental points will help.The first important thing to do is click the follow button.  If you don’t follow people, they are most likely not going to follow you—unless you are a superstar!
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Think of yourself watching television; what channels do you normally tune into and why?  I like to be entertained while I amee a tweet I enjoy, and if the name or avatar is unfamiliar, I click to see if I am following that person, check their content, and if I like it, click the follow button.Aim to deliver consistent quality and fresh content.  People come to your stream for unique messages, links and tips that will provide entertainment, wisd learning.  On Twitter, I enjoy a positive stream, something that makes me laugh or stimulates my thought process.
Strive to provide a mixture of content on your page.  If all you have are pages of conversations, the reader may think you just use Twitter for chat sessions and shy away from your page.  If you only offer pages of links or quotes, that may discourage a follow back.
Frequent re-tweeting shows you are promoting your friends and giving back; but it’s still a good idea to provide your own findings and share them with your followers.  Balance is essential!
Engage with the individual by re-tweeting them, asking them a question, or making a comment about a post they sent out.  I might re-tweet a person three to five different times in a row to get their attention, because a single re-tweet could be buried in their reply stream.  This method works well for me.  This approach also works if you would like them to re-tweet you.  Please see the post on:  7 ways to get Retweeted.
The more you re-tweet and the more you post, the more your user handle will appear on other peoples’ pages, which in turn will give you more exposure to their followers.
 Having a powerful network on Twitter can be very profitable for you and your business. Businesses and individuals worldwide are embracing Twitter. Please see the post on: 4 habits to make you an effective Twitter
If you're going to take the plunge and use Twitter to promote your small business, or if you've already started on the network, ensure learning hashtag etiquette is high on your to-do list.

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